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China to take over the world of online gaming in 2016

What's propaganda these days?


According to a Taipei based Market Intelligence and Consulting Institure (MIC), China will be asking Pinky what the plans are tonight. The plan is to take over the world, the world of the online gaming market (that's a Pinky and the Brain reference).

By 2016, China will overtake the online gaming market if the current trends hold true.

As of 2014, the global online gaming industry has reached over $80 billion - that's 8% more than the previous year. The Chinese market is expecting to grow from $16.1 billion to $24.5 billion next year. This would bump up the Chinese internet compant Tencent that currenly accounts for 50-60% of the online gaming market. MIC also reported that the popularity of web-based games with no downloads required will go down, and mobile games will grow to 35% this year, up from 25% in 2014.

The PS4 was to launch in China on January 11th, but has been delayed indefinitely.


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