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Chillingo's CS.One comes App Store - doesn't get better than this...

 June 3, 2009

Chillingo's CS.One comes App Store - doesn't get better than this...

Every once and a while a developer talks about a game for the iPhone that really looks or sounds exciting. It’s that time again, because One CS.One is days from the Apple App store . If you haven’t had a chance to check out the game yet, you should.

CS.One is not your typical iPhone game. CS.One will shatter your expectations of mobile gaming with high risk/reward gameplay and over the top audio/visual synchronized combat. Slide on your sickest headphones and put aside some borrowed time because your circuits are about to get smoked.

In CS.One you go head-to head with the System Admin inside an advanced computer Network using a highly maneuverable and lightning fast virtual ship in zero-gravity simulation to reek havoc on the system, killing Turrets, Drones, Ships, Trace Routes and Intelligent AI sent to destroy you.

Made for hardcore gamers by hardcore gamers, CS.One is as beautiful as it is brutal. It was designed to challenge the skilled and reward the dedicated, requiring a high level of dexterity to unlock all 3 difficulty levels, all of the 30 achievements, and to dominate the online leaderboard. As the game intensity changes, so does the pulse pounding soundtrack and the low-tech, retro 3D environment, making every replay unique.

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