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Chillingo Reveals Best-of-Breed iPhone and iPod touch Features for Hit Farm Puzzle Game, Cash Cow

October 08, 2009

Chillingo Reveals Best-of-Breed iPhone and iPod touch Features for Hit Farm Puzzle Game, Cash Cow
1.5 Million Unit Game Moves to iPhone and iPod touch with Dynamic Cash-Matching, Coin-Roll Dexterity Challenges, and a Fully Customizable Farm

Chillingo, the leading iPhone publisher, has revealed an exciting list of features for Cash Cow, the addictive coin-counting puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. Developed by Riverman Media, the blockbuster game has been downloaded over 1.5 million times on other platforms.
Set for release later this month, Cash Cow offers a unique combination of intense cash-counting puzzle gameplay and physics-based arcade action. Players can even spend in-game Cash Cow currency to design and buy new features for their fully customizable farm.
Cash Cow players can help Buck the Cow to save his farm from mercenary moneylender, Bankin the Pig, by earning cash to pay off a loan. Buck must work against the clock and earn funds by dexterously counting and grouping loose change into larger denominations to amass an ever-increasing pot of cash.
Cash earned can immediately be used to repay Bankin’s loan and buy items to rebuild Buck’s farm. Players are able to transform the initially decrepit outpost into a flourishing farm overflowing with animals, crops and decorations – all colored and placed by the player.
Additional bonus levels become available between stages; with new gameplay challenging players to use the accelerometer of their iPhone or iPod touch to maneuver realistically-weighted coins around obstacles and into a bucket.
“Cash Cow offers players everything they could want in a puzzle game,” said Jacob Stevens, co-founder of Riverman Media. “We created a variety of gameplay types which all really appeal to gamers, proven by the game’s massive popularity on other platforms.”
Cash Cow is perfect for anyone who likes making money!” said Johnny Coghlan, Chillingo’s Head of Publishing. “It’s easy to play but quickly becomes addictive - this is one game that players will come back to time and time again.”
Cash Cow features iPod Library Access and Email Sheets, and will be available later this month from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch, or at

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