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Chillingo Announces DJ Nights

November 4, 2009

Chillingo Announces DJ Nights

New iPhone and iPod touch Music Game Technology Unveiled Alongside Electronic Music Stars Including Emilio Fernandez, Tom Cloud and Tisto

Chillingo and MusiGames have announced a deal to publish DJ Nights games for iPhone and iPod touch via Chillingo’s mass-market brand, Clickgamer. The first release in the series, DJ Nights: Global Tour, will showcase world-famous electronic music stars including, Emilio Fernandez, Tom Cloud and Tisto when it releases later this year.

DJ Nights gameplay involves rhythmic tapping, shaking and even virtual turntable scratching to progress. The game innovates on iPhone and iPod touch by ensuring that when players miss a note, that note is not played. This feature was made possible after MusiGames created a multi-track audio player that can decode multiple MP3 files simultaneously.

“DJ Nights will set a new benchmark in music games for iPhone and iPod touch,” said Chillingo’s Head of Publishing, Johnny Coghlan. “The release of DJ Nights: Global Tour and its roster of top-quality acts will appeal to real fans of good music. The game soundtrack combined with its innovative technology guarantee an intense, enjoyable new experience.”

"We love electronic music, and we started MusiGames with the idea of creating DJ Nights," said Americo Amorim, CEO of MusiGames. "The new technology we are using offers something completely new to gamers, along with all of the hit features and elements of music games they already love to play."

DJ Nights: Global Tour features songs from leading electronic record label Black Hole Recordings. Artists including Kris O'Neil, Tom Cloud, Emilio Fernandez, Jonas Steur, Daniel Wanrooy, Jani & Erik Euwe, Existone, Tempo Guisto, Dave Schiemann and Tisto are featured in the game, among other high-quality electronic productions from the label coming in the future.

DJ Nights: Global Tour will be published by Chillingo’s Clickgamer brand later this year via the iTunes App Store.

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