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Check Out Super Meat Boy by Terry Cavanagh


Super Meat Boy is easily one of the most mind-blowing games released in recent memory. Similarly, VVVVVV is also one of the best video game experiences anyone with an affinity for quality gameplay could ever ask for. But what if you could take a little of both worlds somehow?

Terry Cavanagh, developer of VVVVVV, has released a fun little spin on Team Meat's adored side-scroller. Super Meat Boy by Terry Cavanagh is a charming retro-style side-scroller that manages to capture the visual charm of both indie hits. Also, the use of official Super Meat Boy music makes it even more awesome.

From a gameplay standpoint, the game isn't perfect. Then again, Cavanagh didn't intend for it to be. On his official blog, the indie dev clarified that he didn't release this tribute because he thought it was good. He merely did it because he figured fans of both games would probably dig the idea.

If you're in the mood to have a little fun, definitely check out Super Meat Boy by Terry Cavanagh. If you're a fan of both the original Super Meat Boy and the stellar VVVVVV, it should go without saying that this little browser-based game is at least worth a look. As for me, if I can ever play this game from start to finish (there are no checkpoints!), maybe I'll write an analytical piece on it. Maybe.

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