Check out two Xbox One racing wheels to make Forza 5 feel even more authentic

Xbox One (Console) Screenshot - Xbox One Racing Wheels

In the latest video featuring Larry Hryb, we get a glimpse at the not-so-talked about controllers, the racing wheels. Given that the Xbox One launches with the fantastic looking Forza 5, it only makes sense that some will want to take that authenticity further with one of these wheels.

The first is the Thrustmaster 458 Italia, which is a 1:1 mapping of the classic Italian wheel and sequential gear shifters. The second wheel is a lot more customizable. The wheel can be taken off and switched out for an F1 wheel, giving the players exactly the type of racing wheel they need for any specific situation. The pedal set also looks like a cockpit, and allows for even further customizability.

The price for these wheels wasn't given, however, judging by the looks, these won't come cheap.

Lastly, we get to see the Polk N-1 Sound Bar which has a Forza racing mode, to put players in the middle of the action, and to really feel like they're in the car.

Check out the video below:

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