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Check out Tom Cruise in the new 'Jack Reacher' poster

Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins and Jai Courtney, has a new poster. Cruise is in the role of Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman who is trying to solve the mystery of a training military sniper who has killed five people. Teamed with a beautiful, young defense lawyer, Reacher is tasked with tracking down this unseen enemy, beating him shot for shot.

jack reacher poster

Needless to say, Jack Reacher is a badass, and the poster captures that perfectly. I know Tom Cruise doesn't always come off as the most badass guy, but he's had plenty of success in action movies (Mission Impossible). And the great thing is that Jack Reacher isn't just an action flick — it's a crime film/drama, as well. So Tom Cruise can show off some acting chops. But don't worry, there'll still be plenty of scenes of Tom Cruise beating guys up.

Jack Reacher opens December 21, 2012.

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