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Check out the Wii U's non-tablet controller

In addition to the final version of the Wii U tablet, which is now dubbed the Wii U Gamepad, today's Nintendo Direct presentation has revealed a nice little scoop: the Wii U Pro Controller.

This controller will provide a more traditional option for players who may not want to use the Gamepad. Additionally, if only one Gamepad is indeed compatible with the Wii U at any given time as previously revealed, the Pro Controller will allow multiple players to enjoy something than the older Wii Remote and Nunchuk setup.

The controller sports four shoulder buttons, D-pad on the left beneath one analog stick, face buttons on the right below a second analog stick, select, start, home, and power buttons. The controller will be wireless, with a charge port at the top and player indicators at the bottom. Still no word on whether the analog sticks will be clickable.

So what do you folks think about the Pro Controller? I dig it, and I look forward to testing it out for myself.

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