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Check out the official 15 minute gameplay reveal for Metal Gear Survive

Not a lot has changed from The Phantom Pain

As promised, Konami has revealed the first gameplay for their upcoming spinoff, Metal Gear Survive. From the look of the reveal, Konami seems pretty content to use Ground Zeroes/The Phantom Pain as a foundation for Metal Gear Survive, and while the game has not proved popular in circles around the internet, the gameplay looks legitimately fun. Still, it would be prudent to keep any expectations to a minimum, but that shouldn't be too hard for the haters. 

Metal Gear Survive was originally revealed at Gamescom 2016, seemingly coming out of nowhere, and is the first game bearing the Metal Gear name in the post-Kojima era at Konami. The zombie theme appears (and is) pretty out of place compared to the rest of the Metal Gear lore, but Konami is slapping wormholes on as the logic behind their presence. Hey, games in the 90's did way cheesier things, alright?

Metal Gear Survive will release sometime in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: [YouTube]

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