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Check out the Dark Souls 2 Japan only collector’s edition and get jealous

Gah, damn you Japan for have all the sweet unique collector’s editions! Your Dark Souls II weapons and shields chest is just the tops. On top of all that, they also get a 100 page visual art book. Don’t get me wrong, the iconic Dark Souls Knight statue is pretty rad, but damn man am I jealous.

With a powerful Google translation, here is what FromSoftware’s YouTube page has to say about it:

Is included with the limited amount to "DARK SOULS Ⅱ Collector's Edition", the real sample of miniature weapon set video. Specially made ​​wooden box, is a miniature set of four shields and four arms of die-cast entered. Actual sample, we are real exhibition in Seoul dark cafe. Limited quantities DARK SOULS Ⅱ Collector's EditionPrice: 15,800 yen (tax included) <bundled content> -DARK SOULS II game software replacement jacket specially made ​​visual specially made ​​wooden box die-cast miniature weapon set -weapon commentary pictorial visual art book ( Hardcover specification) of more than 100 pages , amount-limited special benefits Maps & Original Soundtrack with

That… was actually one of the better translations I’ve ever seen Google do. Well, there you have it. For about $150 that is what Japan is getting. I’ll be sure to snuggle with my statue, hell, he may even praise the sun.

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