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Check out the 7-minute extended preview of Star Wars Rebels

star wars rebels

A few days ago, Disney released a seven-minute long extended look at Star Wars Rebels, which premiers on Disney Channel this October, and will be followed by a series on Disney XD. 

Set five years before Episode IV: A New Hope, Rebels follows the first group to act as Rebels against the Empire. The extended preview shows the tyrannical Empire on Lothal. Imperials and Stormtroopers arrest citizens for treason just for voicing their displeasure. When a young boy named Ezra find a mysterious group attempting to steal cargo from the Empire, he becomes intrigued and tries to steal it for himself. He then finds himself on the run from the Empire, Rebels and being chased down by a TIE Fighter. 

Unless you were at San Diego Comic-con, this is the longest look any of us have seen. I'm very impressed and can't wait for the show to start. My five-year-old is really into Star Wars, recently watching Episode IV for the first time, watching plenty of the Star Wars LEGO episodes, and even watching some Clone Wars. I can't wait to be able to watch Rebels with him in a couple of months.

What do you think of the extended look at Star Wars Rebels?

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