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Check out Tekken 7 gameplay, featuring Yoshimitsu

Why can't you use the tentacles?

Yoshimitsu Tekken 7

Not long ago, Bandai Namco gave us our first look at the redesign for Yoshimitsu in their upcoming fighting game, Tekken 7. The redesign left Yoshimitsu looking like a bunny-squid hybrid, which may or may not be a step above Tekken 4's bug model, Tekken 5's samurai look, or the super iron samurai from Tekken 6.

Rumors have been flying around the internet suggesting that Tekken 7 will be making a port from arcades to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One  in August. The source is unverified, but honestly... who knows if you can trust someone on 4Chan.

Apparently, there's a 24 character roster for the game too. Either way, let's shut up and watch Squidmistunny Yoshimitsu in action.

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