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It took Kinect a good while to really start delivering solid content. When it did, though, it managed to surprise plenty of folks who never thought it would pick up. The device has gone on to feature some truly memorable motion gaming titles, and it's certainly worthy of many gamers' attention.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said about PlayStation Move. While the potential is there, Sony has yet to deliver stellar content to really make the motion controller shine. And while a few games have been released with Move support, there's still no emphasis on the device as an important peripheral.

Now it appears that Sony has patented a "user-driven three-dimensional interactive gaming environment." In other words, a 3D camera similar to Kinect. Before you begin convulsing in either fear or rage, though, be aware that a patent doesn't necessarily mean a final product. Hell, it doesn't even mean this wacky device is going to exist. It's just an idea.

Let's hope it stays just an idea, because this peripheral isn't something Sony needs right now. I mean, come on, the damn thing looks like the PlayStation Eye. And why is it functioning with a PlayStation 2? Worst. Patent. Ever. Well, maybe not the worst, but it's still pretty bad. Don't do it, Sony!


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