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Check out some Vamp-tastic abilities in the upcoming game, DARK

After the terribly terrible Vampire Rain, I managed to avoid games that spotlighted Vampires. I'm not sure what it is, but something about DARK is immensely appealing to me. Whether it's the stealth gameplay, or the kick ass powers at your disposal, it looks like vampires might be done right this time. Oh and hey, they probably don't sparkle.

In this trailer, we get a glimpse at some of the skills and abilities players will be able to wield when playing DARK. Vampire Vision will allow players to see their enemies through walls and other solid objects. Distract, as the name suggests, will make enemies look the other way while you can sneak in for the kill. Shadow Leap can make the player teleport long distances without being seen. Celerity looks like it will make you undetectable for a short duration. And quite possibly my favorite, Shadow Kill will dispose of enemies in a quick, and mostly stealthy manner, as it allows you to teleport directly to the enemy, and kill them.

You can get your hands on DARK this Summer, coming to Xbox 360 and PC.

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