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The bundles just keep on coming out. This time, we've got The Graduation Bundle from Indie Royale. For a small fee, you can snag a handful of great indie games, and there's even a notable reward for those who are interested in paying just a couple of bucks extra.

The Graduation Bundle includes the following:

  • The Void (Steam, Windows, Desura)
  • Dead Pixels (Windrows, Desura)
  • The Ship (Steam) —  Includes two extra Steam keys
  • 1000 Amps (Steam on PC and Mac, Windows, Mac, Desura)
  • LaserCat (Windows, Desura)

As a bonus, gamers who purchase The Graduation Bundle also get access to the AirMech Steam beta. Additionally, anyone who pays $7 for the bundle will also get chiptune rock band Cheap Dinosaurs' self-titled album, which is regularly priced at $6.

The current minimum price for The Graduation Bundle is $5.03. You're getting a lot of indie goodness for that small sum. Check it out if you're in the market for some new stuff to play on your PC.

[Indie Royale: The Graduation Bundle]

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