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Check out how Madden NFL 25 looks like on PS4 and Xbox One


I'm generally not the guy you want writing about Football news. Of course the day that both sports guys aren't here (one is on his honeymoon, and the other has a doctor's appointment) would be the day that EA releases a new Madden 25 trailer.

So let's see here, you got some realistic physics going on. Players are aware of your action and they react with realistic movements. Not too shabby! There's also something about a 100 calculations per second going on, which is actually 4x more calculations than before. Not sure what that's all about. I didn't realize Football was all about math. Also, that grass looks pretty phenomenal! 

We got Russel Wilson. He's looking pumped about the game. Colin Kaepernick, him too. Also, the guy on the cover looks like Donald Faison from Scrubs. Donald, is that you?!

Madden 25 on the PS4 and Xbox One ladies and gentlemen! An even prettier and more realistic take on the sport where guys tackle each other, and score home runs!


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