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Character improvements revealed in the upcoming expansion Vae Victis

October 15, 2008

Character improvements revealed in the upcoming expansion for Europa Universalis: Rome - Vae Victis

Paradox Interactive are excited to announce the upcoming expansion for their Grand Strategy title Europa Universalis: Rome in Vae Victis, scheduled for release via digital download on GamersGate during the latter half of Q4 2008.

Vae Victis depicts the golden age of the Roman Republic where everything gets decided via the Senate Not only does the Senate assign the player more or less difficult tasks, it can also block diplomatic actions outright depending on the current power of the five political parties.

Monarchies will get a council consisting of nine characters. The Council does not have the power of the Senate, but the councillors can cause trouble if the line of succession is not to their taste.

Character improvement features in Vae Victis:

  • A new character overview screen containing anumber of filters for browsing your characters including employed, unemployed and imprisoned characters.

  • Characters have ambitions (think character missions.) Fulfilling them will yield different types of bonuses, and some ambitions will even influence character loyalty, political affiliation and behaviour.

  • Governors are now in charge of whole regions rather than individual provinces. This both reduces micromanagement and makes the existing governors a lot more powerful and interesting.

  • Characters now have a Prominence value that increases by holding prestigious offices, winning battles, etc. The most prominent characters will tend to marry and have children, which allows players to follow the fates of their favourite families throughout the game.

  • Players can imprison, banish, or even execute characters. However, being too heavy-handed in getting rid of the opposition will increase the state Tyranny which has various detrimental effects.

Vae Victis will get a vastly improved interface and introduce a lot of handy shortcuts. For example, the Province view will be bigger, more informative and more interactive, allowing you to quickly peruse the diplomatic status of – and easily set up trade routes with – other countries. There is also the much-needed new character overview screen mentioned above, and a greatly expanded and interactive dynastic view.

Read the developer diary for Vae Victis at 

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