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Chapter 4 of Blackguards released today for Early Access players


Daedalic Entertainment, in a fit of New Year’s generosity, has released Chapter 4 of their turn-based RPG Blackguards. This game taking place in The Dark Eye universe has been releasing piece-by-piece since the allowance of early access. As of now, four of the five chapters have been released – we’ll be looking at the official final version soon enough.

Not in the early access but want to be? Simple. Just buy the early access version on Steam right now. This will instantly get you the first four chapters to play and when the fifth is released, it will be right there auto downloading in the background the moment it goes live. Not too bad of a deal if you ask me.

If you wait, you’re going to end up paying more once the game is done. Take it from me, you’re going to want to check this game out if you’re into the turn based RPG genre what-so-ever. The official release date is January 24th for $39.99 on PC and Mac. 

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