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Champs: Battlegrounds updates with a new hardcore tournament mode


If you’re an iOS user, like strategy games, AND like real time action – go download the free to play Champs: Battlegrounds right now. Quark Games want you to get down on their tablet/phone mobile game with aggressive PvP combat. This newest update has included a tournament point system to better organize competitive play.

With this tournament update also comes the unveiling of the inaugural Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series (CTS). This series will be a multi-phase competition for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users of the game. If you’re an Android device owner, you’ll be able to get in on this starting October 21st. The prize for this tournament is $2,500 for placing in the top eight. The top 32 players of the game will be the ones inducted into the brackets. For rules and a calendar of events, go HERE.

“Our mission when we launched Champs: Battlegrounds was to lead the charge for hardcore tablet and mobile games, and after thousands upon thousands of matches being played since launch we feel like we’re well on our way. These major updates and the first Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series is the next step in our journey to showcase our dedication to bringing hardcore gaming experiences to tablet and mobile devices,” said Eric Peng, CEO, Quark Games.

For the rest of this patches’ updates, observe below:

  • Champ Leveling – Individual Champ progression will unlock stat upgrades and additional relic slots for players to further customize their armies.
  • Relic Systems – Players can now choose from hundreds of Relics to create a tank of a cleric, or a glass cannon-style Archer, giving players the ability to mold their squads to suit their play styles more than ever.
  • Player Profiles – Players can now see their wins, tournament points, global ranking, and ELO information in the new individual player profiles.
  • Tournament Points System – A new system which will enable ongoing ranking in the Champs: Battlegrounds Tournament Series (CTS) and beyond.
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