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Chain, Chain, Chains...

July 2, 2009

Another Link in Chains!

Meridian4 is thrilled to announce that their addictive, physics-based puzzle game; Chains from ( is now available on digital distribution channels including Steam, Impulse and others.

Chains is a part of Meridian4’s 5 year anniversary specials and is currently available for 50% off on Steam and is included as part of their Complete Pack with 14 other games. Chains will be available on other channels in the coming weeks. For more information, visit

About Chains
Chains is a challenging puzzle game with a unique feel and distinctive vector graphics style. The object of the game is simple - to link adjacent bubbles of the same color into chains. As you progress through the physics-driven stages it becomes increasingly more challenging and players’ speed, strategy and skill will be put to the test.

Chains is the first commercial title produced entirely with’s proprietary engine and was also an official IGF entrant.

  • 20 levels each focusing on action, strategy or flow

  • Physics-driven gameplay

  • 3 difficulty modes

  • Colorblind option

  • Up to 15 player profiles

  • Unique art direction with beautiful vector graphics

  • Soundtrack from the Belgian electro band Silence

  • Unlimited replayability value

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