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Chain Chronicle’s new content includes a gauntlet of PvP

None shall survive!

Gumi and SEGA have added a whole bunch of new content to Chain Chronicle today. I’m sure you’ve taken your hero all across Yggdra combating the Black King thus far, but what about other players? Don’t they deserve a proper beat down by your mighty legions as well? The answer is yes. Therefore you’re going to want to take your top 10 units in brand new Chain Chronicle content.

With your hand selected 10 characters, you can enter randomly generated routes with opponent squads and prizes along the way. These prizes will include “big rewards, epic loot, and epical Honor Tokens used to recruit even more rare units.” This update also includes the final story chapter that includes busting into the Royal Capital to bust up the Black King once and for all.

Check out this video highlighting these features!

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