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Chain Chronicle introduces the Attack of Demon Katarith raid

Blackening souls, taking names

The lands of Yggdra have all sorts of problems. It a full on war wasn’t bad enough, how about a brand new demon invasion? Well… time to get the volunteer army together for an old fashion demon beat downin Chain Chronicle! The Demon of Desecration Katarith alongside her Onyx Dragon are just tearing up the place. From now until January 25th, you’re going to just have to stop this invasion.

While this event may seem complicated at first, it’s actually rather simple. After every time you battle you will get the option to fight Katarith. Fighting her will cost one soul shown at the top of the screen. You can hold up to three souls. One soul refill every half hour but you can also use a Vigor Fruit or level to get all of your souls back. Vigor Fruit are won though the event and can also be bought via Fortune Rings.

There are 200 battles in this event which increase in difficulty the more you do. At level 10 and every multiple of 10 after, you’ll fight the Onyx Dragon. This battle has a higher chance of dropping Katarith for your own use. She is a five-star archer. She is guaranteed to drop after 50 and 80 successful conquers. There are also three premium ticket and a five star sword on the way to 200 conquests.

Through these matches, you’ll receive Demon Coins which can be used to buy arcana similar to Arcana Coins. These are redeemed in the recruit section. These matches have 90 sec time limits attached. You can use more souls to increase your time. If you lose or time runs out, the demons run away and your friends will have a chance to kill them.

Start timing out those 30 minute chunks and end this demon incursion! See all the rules and prizes HERE!     

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