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CES: Netflix coming to PlayStation Vita

Netflix on PS Vita

CES 2012 kicked off in a big way yesterday with the announcement that the PlayStation Vita will support Netflix, hopefully at launch.  During Sony's press conference it was revealed that Netflix, the popular TV and movie streaming service, will be available for the PS Vita.

While Sony and Netflix hope to have the system ready to go by the U.S. and UK release date on February 22, it's still far from a sure thing.  It was confirmed that Netflix is "working to have it ready" on day one, which means it isn't a sure lock just yet.

Formerly a US-only service, Netflix just recently became available in the UK.  Unfortunately, PS3 users in the UK still didn't have the full app available on their consoles, but a few days ago the app was spotted on the XMB.  While it still wasn't functioning, it was the beginning of a process to bring movies and television to UK PS3 users.

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