CES 2014: Alienware Steam Machines announced, but not specced

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Alienware, having already been revealed as a partner of Valve, has outlined its own Steam Machine. And while no spec details or price was given, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell described it as "a console that encapsulates the full potential of what a Steam Machine should be."

"Alienware designed its upcoming Steam Machine to deliver the benefits of PC gaming in an incredibly small footprint, providing the best balance between size, performance and aesthetics for the living room gaming experience," Alienware said in a press release that came with a slew of images showing off the sleek design. "The Alienware Steam Machine echoes the build quality and advanced engineering that are the hallmarks of the brand including a custom-built chassis to provide optimal thermal and acoustic management for a gaming console destined for the living room."

In addition to its loosely-announced Steam Machine, the company will also offer the Alienware X51 desktop as a Steam Machine in 2014. According to Alienware, this will allow gamers to choose between different form factors depending on their needs.

We already knew Alienware was working on its own Steam Machine but without any specs or pricing it's hard to really offer any sort of insightful comment. We're glad to see Alienware hopping on the bandwagon, but don't expect these to be any more affordable then the Steam Machines that have already been fully revealed.

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