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CES 2013: New Mad Catz gaming controllers will be nearly universal


Thinking about getting a new universal gaming controller? You didn’t even know a universal gaming controller was a thing? Well then, perhaps you need to check out some products from a little company known as Mad Catz. Their new GameSmart hardware allows gamers to use these controllers on nearly any platform including PC, Macs, tablets, phones, TV, and certain consoles; so yea, pretty universal.

This GameSmart technology makes the controllers so available through Bluetooth.  This can be a natural connection or through the use of Nano Dongles (great name) USB receivers.  Basically if the device has Bluetooth technology it should work.  No list of compatible devices has been released thus far so it is all stipulation, but it can be assumed.  I’m sure this information will be revealed soonish though. 

We can expect multiple colors when these devices come out in early 2013.  Bring on Mad Catz!      


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