Cerny: PS4 launch lineup 'stronger than any prior PlayStation'

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Back in February Sony gave us a very brief taste of what to expect when the PlayStation 4 releases later this year. While a few gamers were impressive, I wasn't necessarily blown away by what was shown. Apparently, that was just a taste of what Sony's new console will have to offer as the system's lead architect Mark Cerny lightly addressed the subject when speaking to Gamasutra.

Much of the interview was focused on the PS4's hardware specs, but in discussing the design philosophy of the system, Cerny boasted that the launch lineup for the PS4 is "going to be stronger than any prior PlayStation hardware."

Cerny couldn't give an exact title count or get into specifics, but he did note that the strong lineup will be a result of familiarity. According to the system architect it would only take "weeks, not months" to port a game engine from the PC to the PS4.

"There are many, many ways to control how the resources within the GPU are allocated between graphics and compute," Cerny explained. "Of course, what you can do, and what most launch titles will do, is allocate all of the resources to graphics. And that’s perfectly fine, that's great. It's just that the vision is that by the middle of the console lifecycle, that there's a bit more going on with compute."

For Cerny's full interview, in which he discusses the system's "future-proof" tech, head over to Gamasutra.

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