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Ceramic White Playstation 3 Coming to England and Australia


In a way you've got to pity poor Sony, who after dominating the last two console generations, now has the worst selling modern console on the market, as well as a portable system rampant with piracy, a motion controller no one wants, and a reputation as "those guys who let some hackers have my credit card information."

As one of those idiots who was using the same password for everything (including my Sony account), the free digital copy of Infamous really didn't make up for the numbing hours of fixing my info on every goddamned internet site out there.

Anyhow, Sony's original five year plan for the PS3 was "convince people to give a s*** about Blu-Ray movies." Since that hasn't worked, we recently got a $50 price cut (down to $250), and a nice new Infamous 2 bundle as well. Not as drastic as Nintendo's "HOLY JESUS EVERYTHING IS ON FIRE" price drop on the 3DS, though an agreeable price point for anyone who's been on the fence about their purchase.


That being said, apparently a minor chip off the price wasn't enough for our boys across the pond, with Sony attempting to entice those weird-speaking blokes in England (as well as the filthy Aussies) with a Ceramic White PS3 model. Previously this model was only available in Japan... and for good reason. The Japanese are a clean people, who probably have the sense to wipe their hands off before reaching for the controller. Imagining that sleek white finish irreparably stained by an Englishman's hands, fingers covered in bean juice and crisp crumbs... disgusting.

Of course, the PS3 isn't region locked, so this might be worth importing. Though again, I wouldn't recommend buying it used from those grimy-handed Brits. Not that we Americans are any better, but I think our trademark brand of orange Cheeto stainage will look spectacular marking up that unit.

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