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Celebrate September's Mercury Retrograde with New Title Gemini Lost

September 24, 2009

Celebrate September's Mercury Retrograde with New Title Gemini Lost

The cosmos has gotten itself in a tizzy over Mercury Retrograde!

A celestial event taking place September 7-29, Mercury Retrograde plays with all earthly communications in strange and mysterious ways. According to the ancient rules of the Zodiac, the planet Mercury rules over all communications, whether low-tech whisperings between friends or high-tech status updates on social networking sites. If you’ve experienced any unexplained happenings when chatting away on your cell phone recently, now you know why!

Learning about the Zodiac is one of the best ways to see any upcoming changes in your cosmic fortune. On this front, PlayFirst’s life-simulation title Gemini Lost has got you covered. Offering a family-friendly story about a lost tribe of villagers, you’ll need to solve puzzles based on the Zodiac in order to find a way home. Gather necessary resources and food, build structures, conduct useful scientific research and increase your population by creating happy couples based on their astrological signs. Can you complete the tasks and puzzles needed to find the lost keys to the teleporter and get your people home safely?

Gemini Lost is available now as a download for Windows Vista or Mac.

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About Gemini Lost

Gemini Lost is an all-new life simulation title where players must build a thriving community while trying to solve an ancient riddle. Rooted in astrology, Gemini Lost will have players search their villages to find couples based on astrological signs to help grow budding communities into thriving establishments. Gemini Lost chronicles the adventures of a lost group of denizens who were magically whisked away to an unknown land while exploring a site of mystifying astrological ruins. Combining the lore of astrology with user-friendly simulation gameplay, Gemini Lost creates an altogether unique experience for players of all ages. The game offers everything from puzzles and activities, to a rich storyline and a touch of resource management.

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