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Celebrate your Madden NFL 25 Super Bowl with an in-game GMC truck

GMC in Madden NFL 25

GMC is the official vehicle of Madden NFL 25. What this means is that in-game advertising returns to the popular football series as the all-new 2014 GMC Sierra full-size pickup will be included in this year's installment.

"The vehicles will appear at various points during gameplay, including after a Super Bowl victory. Just as in real life, the game’s MVP will be awarded a vehicle," GMC wrote. Three other models -- Yukon, Acadia and Terrain -- will also be included in the game.

GMC will also be sponsoring Madden NFL 25's "Never Say Never Moment of the Week," which sounds a bit like the old Madden Moments Live. During the NFL season, GMC will select the "moment that best demonstrates a combination of impressive athletic performance, intelligence, and preparation." You'll then be able to play out those moments in-game and hope to achieve the same outcome.

In-game advertising is nothing new for the Madden franchise, which has seen brands like Old Spice and and Bing make appearance in the game. I'm just glad this isn't as intrusive as some of the past in-game advertisements. Anyone remember those annoying popup ads on the scorebar? I'd say a cutscene of a truck while I celebrate my Super Bowl victory is a much better alternative.

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