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Celebrate the launch of WildStar's open beta


Today, Carbine Studios announced a series of events this week to celebrate the launch of WildStar's Open Beta. The Open Beta for WildStar will run for 10 days, from May 8 to May 18, with the level cap increasing to 30. This will give players a chance to experience some of the mid-level content that might've been harder to reach during the beta weekend events. 

At level 30, you'll be able to go to Farside, a moon, and float around while killing some aliens. There's the Galeras Adventure, a tower defense adventure where you and four friends hold the fort and defend it against and invading army. You'll face off against tanks, missile strikes, snipers, stealth assassins, and hulking commandos while you place defenses to help until reinforcements arrive. You'll also gain two new class abilities at level 30, a new ability slot, and more tier points.

To kick off the Open Beta, Carbine Studios will be hosting a 30-minute LiveStream on their Twitch Channel -- -- this Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 11am PT. The livestream will feature Mike Donatelli, product director, Chad Moore, creative director, Stephen Frost, producer and voice of DevSpeak, and Matt Mocarski, development director. They will be addressing the state of the game, share their thoughts on what makes WildStar‚Äč special, and answer questions that have been regularly asked on their forums.

They'll also be back on Friday with a six-hour developer LiveStream with new content starting at 11am PT, this time with executive producer of Carbine Studios Jeremy Gaffney talking about the challenges the team has overcome, play-by-by of some raids and Warplots, a sneak peek into higher level content, and hopefully some post-launch content gameplay. The best thing about this session is that it will be a giant, social AMA, with questions being taken from Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Forums, Twitch, Vine and heck, maybe even MySpace. 

Reminder: the 30-minute livestream starts at 11am PT on Thursday, May 9, with a six-hour livestream on Friday, May 9 at 11am PT.

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WildStar launches on June 3. 

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