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Celebrate Thanksgiving with a Free Copy of Rift


In a time when free-to-play MMOs are the norm, its a bit odd to see one which continues to charge players for both the game and an accompanying subscription. Yet it somehow intrigues us as well, wondering if maybe the game is truly worth the premium being charged. Thankfully, we don't have to wonder any longer about Rift, because the game is now free! Well, for a limited time anyway.

Head on over to the Rift homepage and you'll find that the game client has not only had its price slashed from $30 down to $15, but that even the $15 was slashed, as if we were watching some sort of Ronco informercial. How much do you want to pay?! Nothing!? Good!

As cool as it sounds to jump right into the world of Rift without dropping a dime, there's a catch. The $15 monthly subscription remains in place, and though the game normally throws new players a month of free play time, this free version forces people to pony up a few bucks in order to start playing. So basically, the game is $15 bucks. Not terrible, but definitely not free-to-play.

We'll be keeping our eye on Rift to see if the old subscription model holds up. But with games like DC Universe Online filling their servers with cheapskates, it'll be interesting to see what digital worlds stay popular and self-sustaining.

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