Celebrate Easter with free bunny ears for Army Corps of Hell

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Square Enix has released "Bunny Ears Equipment" sets for this year's Army Corps of Hell. Head to the PlayStation Store and follow the directions below to redeem the free content, arriving in time for Easter. Just take care not to get blood on those cute accessories.

Army Corps of Hell is a Pikmin-esque video game available for the PlayStation Vita. Previously, Square Enix and developer Enterphere gave players access to pumpkin heads for their minions.

To download the Bunny Ears Set follow these instructions:

  • Head to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation Vita
  • Select ‘PS VITA Add-Ons’
  • Select ‘Bunny Ears Equipment’ Set for Army Corps of Hell’ and download it.
  • Boot up Army Corps of Hell
  • Start the game and select a stage
  • Select ‘Change Equipment’ on your Soldiers, Spearmen or Magi and select the new bunny headgear.

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