Celebrate All Saints' Wake in Final Fantasy 14 with free world transfers

Starting Friday, October 18th and running through Friday, November 1st, players will be able to celebrate All Saints' Wake event, where streets of Eorzea will be lined with ceremonial lanters and players donning fanciful costumes. There is also a exclusive quest tied to the event, which can be acquired from the Shifty Thespians that appear in each city-state at night time.

Along with this celebration, players will now be able to use the free World Transfer Service, which starts tomorrow and will run until Monday, October 21st. This will allow all players to switch to their friends' servers at no added cost.

Quite possibly the best announcement comes in the form of a new PVP map called the Wolves Den, which will be added to the game this Winter. You can get a brief look at the PVP action in the trailer above. Also coming in the Winter patch is player housing.

Starting November 14th, players will be able to participate in the special FATE with Lightning from Final Fantasy 13, and acquire FF13 gear and weapons.

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