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CD Projekt RED CEO: Cyberpunk 2077's promo campaign is ready, reveal will come as a "surprise"

Is it still a surprise if you know it's going to be a surprise?

Over four years and 10 million YouTube views later, Cyberpunk 2077's Teaser Trailer remains the only glimpse into CD Projekt RED's mysterious RPG that is said to be "really, really, really f**king badass." Given that there is three whole "really's" in that statement, it must be good, right?

As we continue to wait out the game's inevitable reveal, CD Projekt RED Joint CEO Marcin Kicinski stated during the studio's Q1 2017 financial results presentation that plans for Cyberpunk 2077's marketing campaign are complete and that its central element is "surprise."

He said:

The promotional campaign (for Cyberpunk 2077) is already planned. Its main element is the surprise, so I cannot even say when it will begin. Simply because it has to come as a surprise.

Obviously, the main question is when we can expect to see it, and while many were probably hoping for an E3 2017 presence, they may want to hold off on that excitement. CD Projekt RED has already stated that 2017 "belongs to Gwent" and given that the game has just hit Public Beta, it's more likely that we will see more of Gwent in LA this year. 

Also, if "surprise" is key to the marketing element, it's not out of the question to presume that the announcement will come at a downtime when not many big AAA games are nabbing headlines. This could mean either a December/January window when the gaming calendar is wrapping up or just getting underway or perhaps during the middle of the summer, which is traditionally known as a dry season for game releases. 

Regardless, it would appear as though our wait continues. 

Source: [CD Projekt RED via NeoGAF]

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