CCP Games erecting monument for historic EVE Online battle

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The dust has settled in EVE Online's bloodbath of B-R5RB,  according to developer CCP Games. 75 Titans have been lost. A damage assessment estimates the the loss in real-life money value totals more than $300,000. 

"The winning side alone had lost more Titans that in any battle seen before," CCP wrote in a lengthy recap of the battle. "The losing side had lost more Titans than anyone had previously thought possible."

Needless to say, the Battle of B-R5RB -- which started all because a single player forgot to pay a virtual bill -- is gaming's most destructive battle ever. And as a result, developer CCP Games will erect an in-game monument dedicated to the massive casualties. 

"Something of this scale, where the players had left an indelible mark on the universe through their extraordinary actions, needed to have something more permanent in game to commemorate it and we are proud to highlight the bravery and commitment of our players to their craft of blowing up spaceships," CCP wrote.

The in-game monument, called "Titanomachy," has been created using the brand new Titan wreck models that were introduced with EVE Online: Rubicon's 1.1 release. It just so happens that it was deployed immediately following the battle. The monument will be placed permanently around the seventh planet in the B-R5RB solar system and be "off grid" from the station.

"Thereafter, any player who plays EVE can make the dangerous pilgrimage there and marvel at the scope of destruction," CCP added. Titanomachy is expected to be installed during the game's downtime on January 31. 

Over in the blog you can read a full recap of the events that took place and see the shocking results of the 21-hour-long conflict. If reading about this battle doesn't spark your interest in EVE Online, you must sense of excitement. Imagine being a part of this massive, historic battle...

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