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Cave Story+ Gets Christmas-fied


If you love the holidays, there's one more reason to get totally festive. Cave Story+ has gotten a nice winter makeover for Christmas, reports Destructoid. That's pretty awesome, and it gives you a great reaon to fire up good ol' Cave Story+.

The WiiWare version of Cave Story previously featured a nice Christmas theme, but Cave Story+ seems to take things a bit further. Not only does your character become a cute reindeer, but Mimiga Village gets completely covered in snow. Oh, and regarding that reindeer, yes, he does wear a Santa hat.

There are likely other little surprises to be found in the game. If you already have Cave Story+, why not give it a go for Christmas? And if you don't own the game, I really hope you're compelled to download it and play for the holidays.

It's cool seeing video games in the holiday spirit. Little things like this get me all jolly and full of holiday bliss. Check out Cave Story+ and enjoy some Christmas goodness!

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