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Catherine's English Translation is Getting the Red Carpet Treatment


Atlus has been good to its fans in the US. Their translation work is solid, and voice acting in games like Persona 3 Portable is top-notch. Catherine, their upcoming puzzle game/infidelity simulator, happens to have a whole lot of voice-acted dialogue, and it seems Atlus is handling that with care, as well.

The game's lip-syncing, which is based on the Japanese language track, is being re-done in certain instances to better match up with the English audio. In an interview with Siliconera, Michelle Ruff, one of the voice actors in the game, explained the process: “I had to match basic timing on scenes, but Katherine’s mouth was being animated to my performance in some of those scenes. In some of them, she was animated already and I had to sync my performance.”

Speaking of voice actors, blogs have been buzzing with news about the talent for each character. The aforementioned Michelle Ruff will be playing Katherine, the scorned girlfriend of protagonist Vincent. Ruff has previously lent her voice to characters such as Street Fighter IV's Crimson Viper and Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic games.

Vincent will be played by Troy Baker, whose most substantial recent performance was Snow from Final Fantasy XIII. Rounding out the trio of main characters, Laura Bailey plays the eponymous Catherine. Previously, Bailey was the voice of Kaine in Nier (she was awesome in the role).

While I'm still not sure about the gameplay, it seems the storytelling is in good hands for Catherine. Honestly, the storyline was probably going to be the most interesting part, anyway, so consider me excited to see how the game pans out when it arrives on North American shores.

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