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Catherine Multiplayer Detailed


Catherine, the bizarrely sexy, action-puzzle game from the makers of Persona, is set to include a two-player component and leaderboards for each of its puzzle stages. Details on the additional modes come courtesy of Andriasang, which posted details based on Famitsu coverage of the game.

There are a few different modes in Catherine beyond the single-player storyline mode. First up is Babel mode, which features four stages that are unlocked by playing the story mode. They can be played by either one or two players, and when playing with two players, each one takes control of the creepy sheep that show up in the main character's nightmares.

Colosseum is the head-to-head mode in the game, allowing two players to race to the top of stages. The competitive aspect comes in with players not only working to race each other but slow down their opponent by moving blocks in their path. This mode is unlocked after you complete the story mode as well.

Lastly, an online feature allows players to compare answers to the many multiple choice questions that appear over the course of the game's story mode.

I still don't know what to make of this game, but I want to play it. Atlus has been pretty good about localizing their games in the West, so here's hoping Japan doesn't keep all its anthropomorphic sheep races to itself.


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