Catherine Sales Hit 500,000 Worldwide

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What will a game about cheating on your lover of 5 years with a more scantily clad girl who just so happens to have the same name, but different spelling?  Well, according to the latest reports by Andriasang, it'll get you sales across Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 surpassing 500,000 units.

Atlus' puzzle-platformer Catherine has been a success, to say the least.  In the game players control a man named Vincent who begins to have strange nightmares after his girlfriend of five years, Katherine, talks to him about marriage and commitment.  This becomes more complicated when he meets sexy girl named Catherine (yes, with a C) and the nightmares begin getting more intense. 

Catherine's puzzle platforming takes place in the form of Nightmare stages where players must climb to the top of a tower by rearranging boxes and avoiding obstacles, all while being chased by something haunting Vincent.  Here's the catch: if you die in a dream, you die in real life.

The real popularity of this game stems from the combination of fun gameplay and a unique story that's never been done in video games before.  It explores an a topic people can relate to and one that is unique to the games genre: committing to someone else.  Players can make the choice to remain loyal to their girlfriend Katherine, or choose to be more tempting route and go after the flirtacious Catherine.

Sales in Japan have reached 260,000 while sales in Europe and North America have reached 230,000.  This is great news for the publisher, currently scheduled for two other major releases next year in Japan including Persona 4 The Golden for PlayStation Vita and Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena for arcades and consoles.

Who did you choose: Catherine or Katherine?

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