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Catch Your Opponent Off-Guard with Game Changers featured in Madden NFL Arcade

November 19, 2009

Catch Your Opponent Off-Guard with Game Changers featured in Madden NFL Arcade

Madden NFL Arcade delivers an all new 5-on-5 gridiron experience, complete with 13 action-packed Game Changers. Each player will have the chance to receive a Game Changer before every play. They can choose to use their awarded Game Changer immediately or save it for a crucial play. Either way, every Game Changer has the ability to impact a play and change the course of the game.

Freeze a single player on your opponent’s team, confuse the defense by passing 3 footballs instead of 1, or pick up the pace of the play with lightning speed. Game Changers ensure that no 2 plays are the same in Madden NFL Arcade!

See below for a full list of Madden NFL Arcade Game Changers and their uses on field:

Entourage- Bring in the reinforcements as Entourage sends the rest of your lineman into the game to help out for a play.

Triple Threat- Disguise which receiver you’re throwing the ball by sending out two other decoys with the Power Ball game changer.

Bonus Play- Give yourself an additional down to help get in the end zone and earn some much deserved points with Bonus Play.

Make it, Take it- If you’re good enough to score when you trigger Make It, Take It, the ball is yours to keep on the next possession.

Turbo – The Turbo game changer will send players in fast forward by giving them an extra speed burst.

Molasses – Game too fast for you? Use Molasses to take down the action on the field to a less frantic pace.

Fumbilitis – Turn your opponent’s into butter fingers as they’ll have a difficult time holding on to the ball with Fumbilitis.

It’s Alive – Make any pass a scramble for the ball as its Alive will turn any incomplete pass into a live ball.

Frostbite- Put the freeze on one opposing player from moving by using the game changer Frostbite.

Fast Pass- Fast Pass gives the power to a QB to throw the ultimate bulleted pass.
Flying Blind - Sabotage your opponent by using Flying Blind to turn off their passing icons.

Flip Flop – Jealous of your opponents score? Flip Flop will nicely borrow the score and never give it back.

Dud – Hey, they can’t all be winners.

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