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Catch Victini During Limited-Time Giveaway Event


If you're a true Pokemon fan, you'll know that you've gotta catch em' all. Unfortunately, certain Pokemon are harder to catch than others, with truly legendary creatures only available at special giveaway events. Thankfully, for those of you who missed out on catching Victini back in March, this rare Psychic / Fire Pokemon will be returning as a special tie-in to the upcoming Pokemon White movie, as revealed in a recent press release.

Though the exact details of how to obtain Victini haven't been revealed, we imagine it will take place around the week of the movie's release, December 3rd. Previously, players had to obtain the Liberty Pass, letting them sail to an island where they could catch the Pokemon. This special mission was only available through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and it seems likely the same encounter will be again offered, meaning those who missed the original event now get a second chance to snag this monster.

Want to refresh your memory on how to catch Victini? Check out the special expanation trailer from back in March.

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