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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel is a possibility

CLOS - sequel teaser 2

Konami might announce a sequel to Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

A teaser website and image have cropped up suggesting a connection to the 2010 game. The site, called, promises a reveal on May 31 — when Konami's pre-E3 press conference is scheduled to begin.

"Dragon" is "Dracul" in Romanian, and the source code for the page reads, "CLOS Teaser Page," along with the sentences, "Dare you face the evil darkness? It is written that the creatures behind that door will return very soon to claim the souls of your loved ones, and send you straight to hell! Be aware!"

A former tweet from producer David Cox hinted at a new Lords of Shadow game.

A 3DS game called "Castlevania: Mirror of Fate" is also thought to be in development.

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