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Castle of Illusion HD remake is a PS3 exclusive, according to new trailer

***Update #2***

SEGA has confirmed that Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse will also be available on Xbox 360 and PC. Hooray!


Sony has posted an official blog regarding the HD remake of Castle of Illusion, confirming the game as a PS3 title releasing this summer.

"Our plan is to deliver a fully reimagined experience that takes advantage of the power of PS3 with all new graphics and new adventures, while at the same time making sure that the game maintains the Disney magic that the original Castle of Illusion captured in 1990," said SEGA digital brand manager Mai Kawaguchi.

We're still a little confused as to whether it will release on XBLA or any other platform.


SEGA's HD remake of Disney's Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse appears to be exclusive to the PlayStation 3, according to a newly released trailer from Sony. The new trailer is only slightly longer than last week's teaser, but it at least confirms everything we thought to be true -- except that it only shows PS3 as a platform.

Despite the remake originally showing up with XBLA digital box art, and Brazilian Rating board DJCTQ listing the Vita and Wii U as other platforms, today's trailer only mentions PS3. Very strange. If the game was releasing for Vita, you'd think the trailer would make note of that -- especially since it was Sony that released the trailer.

So I guess all we can really say from this trailer, for sure, is that PS3 owners should expect Castle of Illusion to release some time this summer. As for Xbox 360, Wii U, and Vita owners... it's all a mystery. On a side note, did anyone else thing the trailer was extremely creepy?

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