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Casey and Ben Affleck's representatives address Batman comments

He's still in folks, for now...

Justice League Batman Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is in as Batman, then he's out, but not really. Ok, he's out, says his brother, but is he?

If that sentence sounds confusing, then you get the gist of this whole Ben Affleck, Batman drama that's been going on for months. Prior to Comic Con in July, rumors were swirling that Ben was out, that he didn't want to continue, but then during Comic-Con, he answered a fan's question on the matter by saying he wasn't going anywhere. A few days ago Casey Affleck, Ben's brother was on the radio in Boston and he too was grilled about Ben's portrayal as the Caped Crusader, to which he said:

“I thought he was an OK Batman. No, I thought he was great. He was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think. Sorry to say."

A host then said that this was breaking news and Affleck began to backtrack.

"Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know.”

Obviously, damage control was called in to fix the situation. Enter, the PR wizards who've stepped up and commented on behalf of the brothers, supposedly putting all of this "is he or isn't he" to rest.

Representatives for Casey Affleck have issued the following statement:

“He was having fun with the folks at the Red Sox game — where he threw out the first pitch in support of the Jimmy Fund — and not speaking from a place of firsthand knowledge.”

As for Ben, his people have said, "he’ll continue to be Batman as long as the studio will have him."

So is that it? Can we finally put this rumor to bed? Probably not, but I think after the release of Justice League we'll have a better idea of what the future holds. If JL is a success like Wonder Wonder, I'm sure Ben would choose to stay if it bombs critically like Batman v Superman, then the "Academy Award Winner" may want to leave to distance himself from the franchise. Until then, let's drop all this hearsay.

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