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Carrie Fisher recorded some hidden dialogue for Dishonored

Her legacy lives on forever in Dishonored.

Carrie Fisher recorded some hidden dialogue for Dishonored

The late Carrie Fisher has a long list of credits spanning across movies, TV shows, but hearing her voice in a video game was very rare even for most Star Wars titles. No one really knows why she was reluctant to voice characters in video games, but she did make her way into a few games including Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Dishonored!

That's right, Princess Leia herself had a small, hidden role in Dishonored. Fisher recorded a few lines in the mission "Return to the Tower" where she played a voice over an intercom. She told people not to "interfere with the regular transfer of deceased persons to disposal centers in the Flooded District" and that "any disturbance in the region of Dunwall Tower this evening has been the result of a previously scheduled training exercise." You can view a clip of her lines below.

Creative director on Dishonored, Harvey Smith, also fondly remembered her small role in the popular stealth game.


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