Cards Against Humanity meets Apples to Apples in Superfight!

Screenshot - Superfight!

We don't cover card games that much here at GameZone, but after seeing the mechanics of Superfight, I absolutely had to expose the game more eyeballs.

Much like Cards Against Humanity, here players will match up different cards that pit some sort of life form, whether its Godzilla or an acapella group, and give them either two powers or weaknesses. The players then try to win against that combo of cards with their own.

It's a game for those that love debating whether Batman and Ironman would win in a fight, because situations like that can always be found in Superfight.

The game retails for $25 for the 500 card core deck, but has numerous expansions available from kid friendly card, to locations cards and more.

You can get Superfight here, but be quick about it, they seem to be selling out fast!

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