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Capybara Games Announces Limited Time Promotion For Critter Crunch

July 31, 2008

Capybara Games Kicks Off Limited Time Critter Crunch Promotion– Available for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

Capybara Games in conjunction with Publisher X is pleased to announce Critter Crunch for the Apple® iPhone™ 3G and iPod® touch will drop from its original App Store price of $9.99 to a limited time promotional price of $5.99. The promotion will begin on Friday, August 1 and will continue throughout the following week ending Friday, August 8, 2008.

Critter Crunch, which won IGN’s 2007 Puzzle Game of the Year award, has players assuming the role of Biggs, a friendly, furry forest dweller with an unending hunger for tasty critters. Using his long tongue Biggs must set the food chain in motion by launching smaller critters into the waiting mouths of larger ones, clearing the screen and filling his belly.

Critter Crunch game features: Multiple award-winning “Food Chain” puzzle style: Feed smaller critters into larger ones and watch them pop! The longer your chain, the larger the jewel! Tons of levels and four amazing game modes to unlock: Adventure Mode, Puzzle Mode, Time Trial and Survival. Cute critters, lush hand-painted background and catchy tunes keep the game bouncing! Lots of Power-ups and special critters keep things fresh by providing new challenges Intuitive tutorials teach you every aspect of the game. Learning to play Critter Crunch is a snap! Slick touch controls make playing Critter Crunch a breeze: Simply drag Biggs to move from column to column, and tap him to grab the critters above. Tap again to spit a grabbed critter into the waiting mouths of larger critters above and help the food chain along. Critter Crunch’s drag and tap controls are intuitive, precise and perfectly suited to the iPhone’s touch screen.

“Simply put, it is one of the best launch games for Apple's new App Store and a must-buy for any puzzle game fan” (IGN, Critter Crunch Review).

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