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Capture the Flag, Attack and Defense modes too 'boring' for League of Legends


Last year, around PAX Prime, League of Legends unveiled Dominion - at the time, a new capture-and-hold game mode that has players fight for control of turrets.

So naturally, this year at PAX East we felt compelled to ask about any other new game modes Riot is seriously considering for League of Legends.

"There's not a lot of details to speak of obviously," stated lead champion designer Ryan "Morello" Scott.  Rather than focus on modes they are potentially working on, Scott instead focused on some game modes that are being "less seriously considered."

"Some games modes aren't well suited for our game,"  Scott began.  "I think one of those would be Capture the Flag, for example."

"We already see what happens when you reward mobility a little too much sometimes; it gets out of hand.  Capture the flag would be about running and not fighting and not engaging.  We don't think that'd be very exciting for what League of Legends is.  So that's one mode we're shying away from."

Scott didn't stop there, however.  Another game mode that we likely won't see in League of Legends is Attack and Defense.

"Attack and defense would be another mode we shy away from because primarily one team's job is to stop the other team from having action.  That seems to be boring, tends to not be exciting to watch. We want to stay away from that."

"We want games with good pace and good action, and those two game modes aren't well suited for what we're doing," Scott concluded.

So while we don't have any idea about what could be coming to League of Legends in the future, we at least know two modes that are highly unlikely to be seen in the game.  With that being said, what modes would you like to see be added to League of Legends?

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