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Capcom Ships MEGA MAN X7 for the PS2


SUNNYVALE, Calif.  October 14, 2003 — Capcom® today debuts its Mega Man franchise on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system with the release of Mega Man X7.    The Mega Man series of products has sold more than 17 million units worldwide and this year celebrates its 15th anniversary with a whole host of activities and promotions.  This blockbuster franchise is the continuing adventure of Mega Man and his quest to rid the world of evil.  Mega Man X7 stars Mega Man and his trusted friend, Zero, and takes players into a full 3-D environment where different traits from the series come together to deliver an all-encompassing sequel. Mega Man X7 is rated “E” for everyone by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) and is now available at retailers across North America.

Mega Man X7 3 boasts the following features:
         Player Change – Switch between your main and sub characters at any time to effectively defeat enemies and progress through the game.

  • Transforming gameplay – Depending on the area, the player will experience the game in different perspectives. This can range from a traditional 2D scrolling title to 1/4 overhead view similar to popular strategy based games.  Players will also experience many boss battles set in a 3D action perspective similar to that of Capcom’s acclaimed Mega Man Legends series. Traditional 2D stages are not only made into full 3D polygons but it also adds dimensional twists to the gameplay.

  • Auto Lock-on System – Players can quickly lock onto an enemy within attack range. They can also change targets and aim at an enemy’s weak spot.

  • A Mysterious New Character named “Axl” Axl will have a unique ability unlike any other and add more strategic elements to the game.

Capcom will honor Mega Man’s 15th anniversary with a massive yearlong campaign of consumer promotions and corporate partners.  In addition, Capcom will release six new titles to the franchise in 2003 that include Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man Battle Network 3: White and Blue versions and Mega Man Zero 2 for the Game BoyAdvance; Mega Man Network Transmission for the Nintendo GameCube and Mega Man X7 for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system.

Capcom Entertainment, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Capcom, Co., Ltd. of Japan.  A leading force in the multi-billion dollar interactive entertainment industry, Capcom’s legacy spans more than 22 years of entertaining video gamers.  Capcom develops, markets, and distributes home video games for the PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo GameCube™ and Xbox™ game consoles, Game Boy® Advance and Game Boy® Color Systems, personal computers, and coin-operated games. Worldwide recognizable product lines include the Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Breath of Fire, and Onimusha series.  World headquarters in Osaka, Japan, the company also has offices in Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Sunnyvale, California.  The company is publicly traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange code number 9697.


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