Capcom Prefers Case Zero Over TV Ads

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Screenshot - 867653

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero runs players a mere 400MS points and gives them an exclusive prequel to the upcoming sequel, including an entire small town to kill zombies in and a handful of unique survivors to rescue (or not, if you're so inclined).

Now, with sales over 500,000 in just two weeks, Capcom’s UK product manager Karl Reader suggests that these types of products could replace overly expensive ad campaigns. “It’s the most dynamic sales weapon we have ever had in our arsenal, giving us the equivalent exposure of a multi-million pound TV campaign.

"We foresee other publishers will follow suit. With increasing development budgets and increased risk, several smaller projects is only sensible. What we are seeing is a precursor to episodic gaming with Capcom at the helm.”

I agree, but only because I will now be starting Dead Rising 2 at level five with a boomstick and wearing a pink waiter outfit

[Via MCV]

William Haley
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